Footwear Inserts

Sneeker Sheets combine the world’s best bio-technologies and high-performance fabric. Together they will keep your shoes smelling fresher longer!

  • One size, trim to fit
  • Paper-thin design to fit all shoes and boots
  • Suitable for both removable and non-removable insoles
  • Works great with or without socks
  • EVA base has the ability to “grip and stick”
  • Sneeker Sheets are easily removable
  • All natural, no chemicals

Cleansport NXT


Sneeker Sheets natural odor control will help you love your shoes again. The self-activating enzymes of CLEANSPORT NXT are pro-active and break down sweat into odor-free water and CO2. The process is 100% natural, hypo-allergenic, earth- and water-friendly. The more you sweat, the harder it works!

High-Performance Fabric

All the steps you take every day exert a lot of friction. Our fabric has been developed exclusively for Sneeker Sheets. It is wear resistant, barefoot-comfortable and will protect your insoles and foot beds from deteriorating over time.

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